Gambling Xtraz

Gambling is not only about the games, rules and strategies. There is something more. It is a culture and for some people it is a philosophy that they believe in and share. Gambling is about luck in slots and roulette. It is about skills and luck in blackjack and video poker. It is about being smart while choosing the online casino to play. But it is not a limit for gambling.

Gambling is in all aspects of our lives. We try something, we risk something and we win, we lose but do it again because we believe in luck. Gambling inspires people. Well, there are people who lose a lot and even their brains in these games.


It is a vitally important thing. If you do not know how to behave in some places, none can help you. That is why you should learn it. It is also about avoiding mistakes, which can be really harsh and can dramatically affect your future gambling. Etiquette is pretty much similar in all the casinos.

Casino FunLegality

There are different laws about gambling games in Europe and the USA. And even in the USA the laws differ from a state to a state. In some spots it is totally forbidden, in other spots it is allowed only in the specific places. You should be careful while choosing the place to gamble.

Myths and Legends

That is what anyone hears(and even observes) when enters casino hall. There are so many superstitions, and some of them are really weird. In the eastern cultures it is believed that seeing a nun before you go gambling is a bad sign. If someone was not lucky and he saw a nun not far from the casino entrance, it can be called really simple - coincidence.

Some people make up legends about the games of luck, like there is one person, who decides on the people who will hit jackpots. It is total nonsense. But still there are some individuals, who truly believe in that.


As we have already mentioned before, gambling inspired people to act. Some people are experienced in gambling and they want to share it with others. That is why they start writing the books, which are called guides. Some people, like Richard Marcus, write about their exploits in the casinos.


Not only the books but also the movies are created based on true or fiction stories. Certainly, there are some educational videos about betting and other things but major part is alluring, as the movie is a real action of some gamers. They are worthy of watching as they can teach you something.


Without basic knowledge you would not succeed. That is why you need to learn some terms in order to understand what is happening around and be able to answer all the questions you are asked. Glossary is the answer.


Gambling is not that kind of topic people do not joke about. It is really cool to read some stories about funny happenings in the casinos. There are lots of stories, which are actually based on true events.