Is a Winning Strategy For Roulette Impossible In Modern Casinos?

Roulette is traditionally considered the “unbeatable game”. After all, the ball bounces around the wheel, and spins look totally random. Firstly, roulette is not a random game. And secondly, most roulette strategies don’t even consider what happens on the roulette wheel.

Typical Strategies of Players

There are indeed proven winning roulette strategies. However, most roulette players have a very poor understanding of roulette is a game. They have a typical approach of a gambler, sprinkling casino betting chips throughout the betting table. What they don’t understand is the roulette betting table deliberately scattered representation of the roulette wheel. And the roulette wheel is where the winning number is determined.

For example, a common system is to bet reds and blacks. A player may consider a streak of red numbers on the winning number display (the marquee). This strategy may require bets on the assumption that the streak will continue. But the player doesn’t understand is the previous spins do not at all influence the future spins. When considering it from a probability perspective, reds and blacks have an equal chance of spinning next.

With this being the typical approach, naturally most roulette strategies will lose. And if the player tries countless guaranteed in effective methods, they will naturally believe there is no such thing as a winning roulette system.

Why Betting Progressions Don’t Work

Betting progressions are when the player varies the size of bets after wins or losses. The most famous progression system is the Martingale, otherwise known as the Martingale roulette strategy. Essentially after a loss, the player doubles their bet sizes on the next spin.

This can and usually does work for a while. But eventually, the player encounters an unlucky streak, and loses an even greater amount. Such betting progression can very quickly wipe out your bankroll.

It is easy for players to profit in the short term, and be convinced their system works. Especially if you are increasing bet size after losses, it’s very easy to make a short-term profit. But this does not mean 100 different players all using the same approach will achieve the same results. The reality is out of 100 players, perhaps 10 may profit a combined $10,000, and the remaining 90 will lose a combined $11,000. This leaves the casino with a $1000 profit. The casino doesn’t care who wins or loses. They only care that they have profited in the long-term. Most casinos welcome the occasional winners, because they keep the hope alive for losing strategy players.

The greatest misunderstanding regarding progression systems is as follows. Say for example a player applies the Martingale system. Their bets on different spins will be 10,20,40,80 units and so on. They incorrectly believe that each of these bets are connected, and eventually they will win. But the fact is each of these four spins have the same odds, and the same payout ratios. The end result is exactly the same as four different players making four different bets.

Professional systems do not require the use of progression betting. Typically they use flat bets. This means bets of the same size on each spin. However, progressions are sometimes used to amplify the overall profits of a professional team. This is beyond the scope of this article.

What Roulette Betting Strategies Do Work?

It makes sense to start by researching what casinos say about professional players. Casinos call professional players “advantage players”. This is because the techniques used by professional teams provide players with a legitimate advantage.

It is paramount to understand all gambling games incorporate a house edge. In roulette, it is a mistake to believe that the house edge comes from the Green 0. The reality is that house edge comes from the difference between payouts and odds. Specifically there are thirty-seven pockets on the European roulette wheel layout, but the payout is only 35 to 1. Odds and payouts in roulette are completely different things. The odds are basically your chances of winning. And the payout is the amount you are paid if you win. So in roulette, the payouts are below the odds, so you are paid unfairly by the casino, and this is the house edge.

Ultimately the only way to beat any gambling game is by increasing your odds of winning. On the roulette wheel, this means increasing the accuracy of your predictions. Basically you must predict the winning number. The problem with almost all roulette systems is they don’t proper consider the winning number. They usually use the past few spins with non-existent connections, expecting they somehow determine what will happen next.

Learning About Professional Systems that Work

Unfortunately the majority of roulette tips websites are not written by professionals with real experience as players. And much of the information is simply relayed by different websites. So it’s difficult to learn the truth.

In roulette, there are various legitimate ways to predict where the ball will land. You may ask, how do you know where the ball will land? I can answer that with the question. How is the winning number determined? The answer is the combination of complex variables, such as the speed of the wheel and ball. These factors seem random, but are any parts predictable? Absolutely. There are actually many elements to roulette spins that are predictable. One common factor is roulette wheel bias. This is where the physical roulette wheel has defects, causing some numbers to win more than others. But this is quite an old technique. It may be still viable in some casinos, but generally it is nowhere near as effective or practical as modern day roulette strategies.

Currently the best and most effective method of beating roulette are roulette computers. However, they have been outlawed in approximately half of casinos throughout the world. The laws are slow to change, and there still may be jurisdictions where they are not expressly illegal. This is not to say that any casino would allow them. Every casino forbids with them as a part of their house rules. But something being forbidden or illegal are different things. Probably the best-known case of roulette computer use was in the London Ritz casino. A group of three professional players profited approximately £1.3 million in the course of three days. The three players were arrested, but later released without charges, and allowed to keep their winnings. It was determined by the police that the players had not broken any laws.

You don’t need to use electronic devices to beat roulette wheels. There are a number of proven effective techniques that still work in modern casinos. The completely legal alternative to roulette computers is visual ballistics, and other methods involving roulette physics. If you looking for strategies that really work, focus your search on strategies based around roulette wheel physics.