Video Poker Rules

Video Poker has become one of the most adorable online casino games. Video poker has an enormous number of video poker players who have an enthusiastic approach to playing. Video poker payout percentage is pretty high (over 90%) and that is one more reason why so many people play it.

Video poker rules have much in common with slot machines but they do have even more in common with standard table poker games. Therefore you should know both how to play slot machines as well as values of poker hands.

Your objective in this game is to make the best hand using 5 cards which is called final hand.

Step by Step Guide to Get a Win

  1. You have to select a type of game you would like to play
  2. Then chose the number of hands
  3. The next step is to opt for a necessary coin value which is available from those that are mentioned.
  4. Play with 1 to 5 coins per hand and choose 'Deal'
  5. Remember that only 5 cards can be dealt from a typical deck that contains 52 cards.
  6. Now you need to use the 'Deal ‘which will help you to make a decision about the right cards you have to keep
  7. One more thing, remember that even all 5 cards can be discarded
  8. The next step is to select 'Draw'. You do this in a case if your choice meets your satisfaction.
  9. Do not forget that all hands are dealt in a random way not from the same deck but from different virtual deck of cards.
  10. Pay attention to the fact that values of hand that are related to payable values are to be paid when the round of the game is finished.
  11. To add more, the values of card for such game as the Double Bonus are set in a random way.

Below you may see the lowest winning pairs:


Dealing with lower value than a jack pair, you will not win! It is a key point that makes the video poker different from the table one.

Moreover, there is a great number of variations of video poker that means you won`t be able to apply universal rules to each game you play. Keep in mind this information! For example, there are no wild cards in some variations. And on the contrary, some versions can even have multiple wild cards. Playing without wild cards, the rules can be a bit different.

Actually, there are no universal video poker rules because some games can differ from each other. To win your games, you should have a pretty good practice.