Video Poker Game - Give It a Go

Video poker has long been the ugly stepchild of the online casino world in the UK. The popularity it has seen in Las Vegas has never really been matched over here. But all that has changed now and the range of online casino games that you can play right now in the UK

Rules of the Game

Video poker has similar rules to traditional online casino table poker, but with a very slight slot machine spin on the formula. In the UK, slot machines are more typically known as fruit machines and have a reputation as being difficult to get into, and not very easy to win with. Online casino video poker in the UK changes all that. You pay your wager, and get dealt a hand of cards. All you have to do is make the best hand you can. In some variations you are able to trade in some of the cards you have to attempt to make a better hand and take the UK online casino jackpot.

Variation Peculiarities

Some variations mean that the aim is different. 10's or better is a game where you get a payout for any cards you hold above a 10, so your chance of winning is increased. Deuces wild introduces a rule where all twos are wild cards, meaning that they can be worth any value. So a deuce in a hand with two fours can be made into a hand of three fours, or it can be brought in as the necessary card you need in a straight flush. Then there's Joker Poker, where the Joker is a wild card and represents any card. Online casino games like this are easy to get into, and with the right amount of skill and a little bit of luck, you could be taking home a huge online casino jackpot. Join today, and try it out for yourself in the UK.