The MIT Blackjack Team and Card Counting Technique

Have you ever heard about counting cards or card counting? If you have watched the true story movie titled “21” starred by Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Liza Lapira, Jacob Pitts and Kevin Spacey, you surely understand that this phenomenon really exists. This movie is based on a real story of the MIT Blackjack Team (4 MIT students) who used all their knowledge and skills to trick the Major casinos in Las Vegas. Although, the movie plot was not exactly happened in the real life story, it gives a clear view on how MIT Blackjack Team used the strategy of card counting in blackjack.

What is Card Counting?

Card counting is a strategy used at card casino games, especially at blackjack, by implementing mathematic counts of the cards which have been played during the game. Through the card counting, strategy players can easily alter the chances to beat the dealer based on the probability of the remaining cards. This trick allows player to determine the distribution of the remaining high cards by keeping a consecutively count of low and high cards while he monitors the cards which have been dealt to other people. Blackjack card counting strategy gives less risk for losses and higher chance for the player to win the game. All professional casino players and blackjack gamblers especially those who are fans of MIT Blackjack Team methods, use card counting up today because this system has verified and proved to be beneficial.

Who Were the Real MIT Blackjack Team?

In 1980s, the nightmare of all major casinos became a reality due to the gambling strategies used by the MIT blackjack team. This team was an assembly of students and former students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Harvard Business School, and other major colleges who were masters on blackjack card counting method. The organization started to operate in 1979, and have been winning in the major casinos worldwide.

The team recruited the most talanted students and players' friends and trained them count cards at blackjack game for free. They made initial assessments and tested potential players to become qualified member of the team. Qualified members underwent full training, supervision and intense “trial-by-fire” in actual casino.

The MIT Blackjack Team Founders

J.P. Massar was the most popular MIT Blackjack member who was also one the pioneering MIT students who worked with the team for 10 years, and then created another group specialized on card counting. He has also been one of the ace players and the manager of the team. J.P. Massar invited Bill Kaplan who became the team leader and it was he who brought consistent success to the team. J.P. Massar was the financier and created the winning team, Kaplan was the one who taught card counting techniques which helped the team to win over several millions of dollars in Las Vegas. Bill Kaplan worked with this team to make casino blackjacks a business and a moneymaking enterprise for over 10 years. Another influential original member of the team was John Chang, graduated as an electrical engineer in 1985. He became the co-manager of the original team in 1990s. These three individuals are the most known Blackjack players who led the original MIT Blackjack Team.