Slots: The Most Popular Casino Game In Australia

Playing slots is considered to be one of the top forms of casino entertainment of Australia. This is not a surprise that slot machines are loved in various parts of the world and at some countries slots are more popular than in others. Australians really adore slot machine gambling an if you want to feel the real atmosphere of the best slot machine entertainment, you should play Slots in Australia.

Learning About the Statistics

Fruit Pokie MachineAustralia has the highest rate of gambling in the world. People who live there really love to play with their money at gambling establishments. Statistics state that about eighty percent of Australian adults are regularly engaging in various forms of gambling. Attending horse races, buying lottery tickets and betting on sport games – these are just some of the forms of gambling that Australian adults engage in. But one of the top played games are slots or how they are calles in Australia - pokies. In 2008 more than three billion dollars were collected from slot machines. The government of NSW receives about one billion dollars from the total earnings of poker machines. The statistics simply shows how Australians love to play the game of slots.

What Makes Slots Popular in Australia

Gambling has always been very popular in Australia. After all, gambling is not taxed and gives a possibility to win a lot of money at a blink of the eye. But what factors made Slots in Australia, or pokies, more popular than other forms of gambling? The following are some probable reasons.

  • The rules are simple – Slots in Australia are among the simplest games to play at. The rules are very straightforward. All a player needs to do, is to put a coin into the slot machine, pull the handle or push the button and wait for the spinning reels to stop. If the particular symbols in the reels stop in a row, then the player wins money. The simplicity of the slots game makes it very popular for both rookies and advanced gamblers.
  • It is addictive – Slots are considered to be among the most addictive games in casinos. There is something about the game that makes people want to play again and again. Since most casinos do not have windows or clocks, people are unaware on how much time they have spend playing slots. But time does not really matter much to a person who is enjoying a particular game.
  • The jackpot is high – There are slot machines that feature progressive jackpots. The longer these machines are played, the higher the jackpots are. There are machines that offer hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. Of course, those who want to take their chances will really be tempted to play with slot machines that offer such high prizes. People simply love to take risks especially when there is a chance for them to get filthy rich in an instant.

The Slots in Australia are very fun to play. Anyone who happens to visit that country should at least try playing slots at one of the Australian casinos. There is nothing wrong in playing with money for fun.