Slot Machine Bonuses

When you walk into any Casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you would probably notice rows and rows of different types of slot machines. Being the most popular of all games in the gaming industry, most people began their love affair with Casino by trying out the slot machine before they pass to more complicated games. About eighty percent of Casino first-time patrons proceed for the slots. For far less money than any other Casino games, slot machines promise fuss-free and pure fun! They are so simple to play, plus they are loaded with slots bonuses too! So, bring out a few bucks and let the good times roll!

How to Play Slot Machine

To play the slot machine, you just have to drop coin into the hole, pull the handle or push the button and watch the spinning reels until they stop turning and the symbols align at the payline. Standard symbols include: the sevens (the rare type), the bars, the double bars, the triple bars, and the cherries. Classic slot machines have three spinning reels. The goal here is to make a row of similar symbols, all lined up in the payline. In case the symbols are not the same, you lose the game. Depending upon the machine, certain symbols meant higher payouts. The main objective of the game is to have rarer symbol aligned in a row to get the jackpot. If you got three similar symbols (imagine the machine has got three reels) aligned in the payline, it means you got lucky! But sometimes you will get even more possibilities to win the jackpot chitting one of those slots bonuses!

Details to Pay Attention To

Take note that some slot machines does not only have one payline. Others have two to three paylines. You can even enable the machine to have more than one payline from the menu options. It really depends upon the machine. You have the chance to bet and win in each payline.

Video slot machines are more flamboyant, with their typical five to fifty reels and paylines running not only straight across but also in upright and upside down V’s and even zigzags on a video screen. Then there are different slots bonuses. These bonuses range from scatter pays to free spins to pick a prize bonus.

If two or more symbols appear on the screen even if they are not aligned together, then you won the scatter payout bonus. In this case you get a bonus cash added to your Casino account balance. Special symbols will generate other bonus events, like a free spin bonus whenever 3 or more bonus symbols emerge anywhere at the screen. If this bonus is triggered, the slot will spin several times without the player getting charged. In order to pick a prize bonus, you will be shown a number of items at the screen, each holding a cash value. You should click at some number of items. You win that sun of cash, the numbers possessed. These slots bonuses offer the “bang for your buck” factor for and add more excitement and enjoyment to the game as well.