Slot Machine Myths

A Unibet sportweddenschappen review: The human mind can be so very convincing when it needs to be. We are told something, we believe it to be true, we create a belief around that area and eventually it becomes a conviction.

Take gambling as an example, and in particular the world of the slot machine. The average slot machine player is clueless as to how the slot machine works, but this will not stop them creating a set of beliefs and a conviction of how they operate.

Often these beliefs and convictions are completely wrong. Here are just a few examples.

#1 If you win the jackpot then change machines

There is a view that jackpots are only programmed to win at set periods of time, and never in close proximity to previous jackpot wins. So when people win a jackpot prize, they leave the machine because they believe they have little chance of repeating their feat.

The odds of the jackpot being struck straight after a big win are no different to any other time.

#2 Hit the machines that have not paid out in a long while

Conversely, the belief that a jackpot is going to be won, because it hasn’t been in a long while, is also a myth. Just because a jackpot is bursting at the seams does not been its due to spill. It’s variance…nothing more and nothing less.

#3 Payback percentage changes when the casino is busier

The programming of a slot machines payback percentage is very strict and highly regulated. Casinos simply have too much invested in their business to blow it on silly schemes to win a few quick bucks.