Slot Games for All Tastes

Have you ever played the games of chance? The most exiting about them is the moment of expectation, when only a tiny second stretches into an endlessly long hold of your breath in yearning for the win. That is exactly what people love about those games. Unlike other casino activities, the slot machines do not require strong knowledge and skills needed in poker, blackjack or some other games where you are to be completely prepared for gaming. The only thing you need to know is what the play line tells you

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Count Spectacular

How about a nice game of slots? Play fantastic classic and modern video slot games at Mona casino and get high bonuses!

Choosing the Slot

  • three and more reel slots
  • single-pay lines slots
  • multi-pay lines slots
  • classic slots
  • modern slots

While selecting the slots for playing, you take advantage of the free of charge games, where you will see what and how you like. The slots are divided according to the types. There are three- five- and more reel slots. There are single and multi pay lines. There are classic and modern slots. You are offered to play whatever you want, how you want and as many times as you want.

Slot Machine Inside

In order to understand how the slot machine works, it is necessary to look at the inner parts of its structure. The most essential parts of the slot machine are handle, notched discs, reels, stoppers, kickers and cam.

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The game starts when the slot machine is launched. To turn on the mechanism the player should put in the coin and pull the handle. The following actions will be the next:

  • The hook mechanism is launched by the move of the handle – it pulls the kicker towards to the player
  • Control cam is pushed forward by the kicker. The mechanisms connected with the control cam are launched also.
  • Cam plate is released and straights across the back part of machine
  • The stoppers are pulled away from the notched discs. The discs and reels are rotating with any obstacles
  • The control cam returns to the initial position and pushes the cam plate
  • Cam plate pushes the stoppers so they lock into a notch and the spinning is over
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Slot of the Month - Book of Ra

Discover the explorer in yourself and follow in the footsteps of the elusive pharaohs with the classic edition of the Book of Ra. The five reels symbols of up to nine pay lines open the gate to the old treasuries. You can decode these hieroglyphs with the aid of the Book of Ra and a bit of luck!


The classic slot machines contain all these parts, but the modern slots have the most important element, which is responsible for the spinning results – Random Number Generator.

Slots Rules

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Desire to win a jackpot is the main rule. But before you start game on a machine, you should read its pay table so that you will know all its peculiarities. You should also know about some interesting aspects that unite all the slot machines all over the world: if you want to win jackpot, you should bet the largest numbers of coins in order to be able to hit the largest winnings.

  • Decide how much money you are ready to waste on slots and buy coins or tickets
  • Select the slot machine you want to play.
  • Put the coins in the slots
  • Push the buttons on the number of coins you want to bet on
  • If the game is multi-reel, pick up the number of reels you want to bet on
  • The reel shall turn after you push the lever or pull the Spin Reels button
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US Players

Mona Casino

Rushmore Casino offers finest selection of online slots for most demanding slots players. Enjoy slot games and good luck!

Software provider: Top Game

Size: 392 MB

Bonus: 400$


  • In USA slots are called “slot machine”
  • In Britain – “fruit machines”
  • In Australia – “pokie machines”
  • In Japan – “Pachinko”

If earlier, some decades ago, every strong person or a gangster could win a lot (if you have enough strength, you don't have to be really lucky to make the mechanic machine pay you), now it is next to impossible.In times of the gangsters Las Vegas was terrified by the unexpected raids but gradually the casinos found the way to drive the criminals far from the chips and cashiers. Nowadays the random number generators operate the slot machines. Everything is performed by the computer, which is "in charge of everything."

Being strategic

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If you want to play slots, you should pick the strategy for it. Without any tactics it would be very difficult to win. There are many strategies developed but there is only one which actually works. It is called bankroll management.

You are to set the sum of cash you are ready to spend on slots and divide it into the units. While playing you should remember not to go over the bank roll. You develop discipline and increase your odds against the casino.