Slot Machine Cheats Methods

Casinos wouldn't let you know whether it’s already morning or evening by not letting a single sun ray to hit inside. They want you to spend all the cash you have, be addicted and keep your attention with different methods. One of the most famous of them is slot machines, which attract people with lights, colourful spins and incredible jackpots. Some of people want that money so much, they start to find out different ways to cheat the machine. As some of them are curious enough to formulate and have some slots cheats to work, different casinos have already became victims of slot cheatres. Some of thenumerous slot cheat methods have been already discovered by casino securities while others are still working. But you wouldn't want to spend your money pulling that reel and just wait all night for the combination to appear, right? So, here are some of the slot cheats you can do to a slot machine at your own risk.

Previously, slots cheats have been very simple, as putting a string on the coin and pull it back to you once credit has been confirmed. But that slot cheat won't work right now as you can be easily caught.

Light Wand

One-Armed BanditWe all know that if there is one sensitive part at a slot machines, it would be the coin hopper. Due to this fact, Tommy Glenn Carmichael, the most successful slot machine cheater, developed the Light Wand cheathing methos. This wand is inserted at the coin hopper to alter its optical device in counting how many coins or token it will release to a certain winning combination. In return, when you hit a winning combination, the machine will empty its box of coins for you.

More Ways to Cheat Slots

The other famous slot machine cheating method is Top Bottom Joint. It was aslo created be Carmichael and his partner Ray Ming. This device was used to trip a switch of the slot machine. The other popular slots cheats are the Coat Hanger (which has to be snaked into the slot machine mechanism), Monkey Pow, Shaved Coins. All these methods are illegal and all of them are well known to the casino stuff.

Slots cheats are not the best way to win the jackpot. The matter is that the most of realy working methods were developed when the system of casino security was more simplier. Today every casino tries to protect its money from stealing and cheating. Moreover, you cannot cheat playing slots online, unless you can influence the work of the electronic devices mentally. On the other hand, you can try doing these slot cheats at the traditional casino or maybe create your own. Of course you may be caught be casino works, but we remember that the fortune favor the bold, so maybe you will be that lucky one who will beat the casino slot machines not only with your luck, but some strategies or devices which will surely make you famous.