Different Roulette Variations and Casino Playing Techniques

People tend to find diversion from a routine work that includes playing games either in a traditional casino or online games. One of the most popular games in a casino of all the countries all over the world, is roulette. Roulette is a casino game, which name stands for little wheel in the French language and that depicts the game itself as the wheel is used there. This game will test the player's self-control and will show how far he is willing to take the risk of losing or winning lots of money. Before playing this game gambler should be familiar with its variations. Roulette variations are the different styles in playing roulette game. These variations have different techniques on how to play it.

Roulette Variations

  • American Roulette – one of the roulette variations, which is played all over the world. This has single and doubles zero slots, which means that there is a larger house advantage.

The double zero creates the odds on every number from 1 to 36. Payout rates depend on player’s places in bets – in roulette there might be single bets (red, even, odd, black, manqué or passe), double bets (columns or 12’s), etc, but the most common division of roulette bets is outside and inside bets.

  • European Roulette – a more popular roulette variation, though nearly identical to American roulette, but for one important difference; there’s no double zero slot. This gives a huge player’s advantage, which make this type of roulette game even more popular.
  • French Roulette offers good odds and a relatively low house advantage. This has two types of outside bets: dozen and even-money bets and even some extra-bets. This is the most complex variation to be played. Besides, this roulette variation hav two extra-rules, which may be vey profitable for players – the En Prison and La Partage rule.
  • Roulette Royale is a rare variation but rather interesting one. It is similar to French roulette, but it has a sweeping jackpot like in slot machine games. The only way to win the jackpot if the identical number hits 5 times. This has two main types of bets: inside bets (bets using numbers 0-36) and outside bets (using red or black, or on various combinations of numbers).

Game Procedure:

  • The player must choose what type of variation he would like to play.
  • He must purchase special roulette chips when he sits down to play. These chips will serve as his money and he can cash it once he's done playing.
  • Start making bets basing on the minimum and maximum amount. Remember: the player can not combine his inside and outside bets to meet the table minimum. However, he can still bet the numbers he wants until the dealer declares “no more bets”.
  • If palyer wins, he takes the chips intended for him and if he loses, he can still bet for another chance of winning, but the chips are taken by the dealer.

Whichever roulette variations the player thinks would best suit him, he must always remember to be vigilant to some cheaters who will encourage him to buy a certain gadget that would make the ball to hit the chosen number. There is no such thing as sure win in roulette since it’s a game by luck and chance.