Roulette Table

Good old roulette. It seems that it has been around forever. Some say that it was invented by the soldiers of the Roman Empire. Others believe that Blaise Pascal accidentally invented it while working on the perpetual motion machine. That is why it is believed that the roulette game spread to the entire world from France.

No matter what everyone believes in, but it is a fact the roulette attracts thousands of people all over the world. There are different layouts and basics on how to play roulette but in general everything remains classic: roulette table, wheel, chips, bets, the dealer and of course the groove of the game and expectation.

European Roulette Table

It is a totally wonderful game, especially concerning the winnings and odds. It is a classic roulette, which gave roulette variations to the world. It is also known as one-zero roulette. Its odds are always more attractive than odds of other roulette variations and even some casino games.

If we are talking about the house edge (glossary), it is lower than in American roulette. It is only 2.7 percent. Let us get inside this issue. Where does this number come from?

House edge is the casino advantage over the players. The largest payouts in roulette game are the ones of the straight bet made. In European roulette wheel there are 37 pockets and 1/37 chances that the player would win the bet. And there are 36/37 chances that he would lose it.

36/37 (chances to lose) + 35 (pockets); 1 in 1/37 (chances to win) = 0.0270

It makes 2.7 percent of the house edge. It means that even if you win you do not receive all your winnings. There are 37 pockets and it seems that the winnings should be 37/1 for the straight bet (bets) but the casino has the right to keep something to itself.

American Roulette Table

American roulette is not as attractive as the European one but still there are people playing it. When gaming touched the ground of the USA, everything became patriotic. That is why it is called American. And some people decided to take advantage of it. They simply added one more zero and by doing so they increased the house edge.

37/38 (chances to lose) + 35(payout); 1/38 (chances to win) = 0.0526

It makes 5.26 percent of the house edge, no matter if you win or lose.

French Roulette Table

It is sometimes confused with the European as it seems that everything is the same. But in reality only the layout is the same. Actually it is red, no difference between the colors of the pockets, although there are color bet spots. There are some rules, which are far more attractive than the European ones. That is why people really love playing this game.