Famous Roulette Movies

Inveterate roulette players can enjoy a number of movies that feature roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular and classic casino games and it can be the first thing that a person visualizes when the word casino is mentioned. The wheel used to play the games that can even symbolize casino in general. Perhaps it is famous because it is easy to play and winning can be very challenging. Books about strategies on how to increase your chances of winning are available for those who want to be more skilled in playing the game. But no matter whether you are a roulette enthusiast or not, it will be a good idea to check out a few wonderful films in which lead stars playing this classic casino game.

Daniel Deronda

George Eliot’s novel entitled Daniel Deronda, was filmed three times for viewers. The actions take place in 1865 on Germany. The main plot of this film and novel is that title character meets Gwendolen Harleth at a roulette table. She is a beautiful yet stubborn woman who loses all her roulette winnings. The woman was asked by her mother to help her financially and Gwendolen became desperate for money. He pawned her necklace and to her surprise, he redeemed it for her. After that, two flashbacks were seen telling the story of the early life of the two main characters. Deronda is a ward of a rich British aristocrat while Harleth is a spoiled child of a widow. He turned to gambling when he was out of money and that is where he met the woman which started their romance. Deronda has an unopened past and he is already committed to a Jewish girl. It later tells of their dramatic love triangle. The most famous screen version is a TV show with the same name, which was filmed at 2002.


Casablanca is another one of top roulette movies. It is a classic film that tells about love, war and gambling. It was shown many times in both the silver screen and television. The title is a name of a city where the main characters met. The film showed the game of roulette in a café owned by a man named Rick who let a Bulgarian refugee win it twice since it was cheating.

Run Lola Run

You can also check out Run Lola Run movie which is a crime thriller shown on 1998. It tells the story of a girl who needs to have 100,000 German Marks in 20 minutes to help her boyfriend. His boyfriend is a criminal who went to a dispute with his boss and had to return 100,000 which he lost in a train. The movie features three parts of the story where the lead actress is “running” after she played roulette at the casino.

The Sting

The Sting is also a roulette movie divided into seven episodes. It was shown in 1973 but has a 1936 film setting.

The main message of these movies may not be just about the casino game roulette, but they are still worth watching as they show different situations people may trap into while playing the roulette games.