Poker Hands

To win a video poker hand, mind that the credits you have depend on the bet in a certain poker game. The more you bet on a poker hand, the more chances you have to win with a good poker hand.

We have decided to help you orient in hand ranking, so here you have video poker hands listed from the highest to the lowest ranking order.

Poker Hands Rankings

Royal Flush - ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. It is considered to be the best hand in poker

Five of a Kind - four of a kind + joker (Joker Poker); 2, 3, or 4 of a kind with all remaining cards deuces (Deuces Wild)

Straight Flush - a straight and flush in one hand

Four of a Kind -four cards of the same value

Full House - three cards of the same value along with a pair of 2 cards of another rank

Flush - cards of the same suit which do not have to be in the same order

Straight - all cards sequential

Three of a Kind - three cards of the same value

Two Pair - two cards of one rank + two other cards of another rank

One pair - the lowest hand

No Pair - the lowest hand

Here you may see the paytable of such video poker game as Jacks or Better

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One of the advantages of playing video poker is that you may have some minutes to mull over various possibilities of your strategies and check video poker odds.