Myths and Legends - Avoid Them!

Many people are attracted to different stories, myths and legends in gambling. It doesn't help them to win but it makes more interesting the actual playing of the game.

Slots Myths

Look how easily people can create different and sometimes ridiculous myths and legends. But still they live and prosper.

Someone hit a jackpot on the machine you just left; it could be yours if you kept playing

Wrong belief. These machines have a computer chip inside that runs the Random Number Generator. This program cycles through the numbers even when the machine is not played.

The temperature of the coins played will effect on the result of the machine

Wrong belief. The temperature cannot affect the machine. You can play hot, cold, old or new coins but the result will not change. Slot machine has no reaction on such things; it is a electronic device with no feelings.

There is only one person who decides who will win or lose

Absolutely wrong! People see a lot of cameras above slot machines, so they decide, there should be a room where all monitors are gathered, then should be a person who controls all the processes of gambling and chooses the winner of the jackpot. You are mistaken. The practice says that every slot machine is an independent system of programs, which can operate without human help.

Casino Myths

Some casinos use extra oxygen while playing. They simply spread it onto the gaming floors in order to urge visitors to play more and not to mind losing their money. That is true, this theory was confirmed. One scientist asked a permission to make such experiment in an Atlantic City casino; he wanted to study the effects which give scents. He was shocked that this method really works.

Roulette Myths

The Roulette strategy helps to win

Wrong belief. You cannot predict the winning number with the help of different mathematical formulae, rules when the wheel is spinning. Don't even hope for that! Roulette is a game of chance only. Though some roulette strategies will help you lose less.

The bigger sum of money you bet, the more you win

Wrong belief. How sadly it sounds, but it is not true. The winners are not defined by the sum of money which was invested. If you are really so naive, don't you think that only rich people could play and win in roulette?

Do you believe in myths?

From the early childhood we heard a lot of myths, legends, and stories, sometimes we believe in them, sometimes - no. People have such trait like "hope" and it incites them to invent different gambling legends. Don't forget that you are not a child and all these gambling legends should be perceived with light sense of skepticism.