Gambling Movies

There so many movies that depict different gambling tricks. Many of them belong to classics and a lot of them are recently made. Here are the representations of the most vivid ones:

The Gambler (1974)

This classic film shows us the results of gambling addiction. Axel Freed`s actions cause corruption of his personal and social life, personality deviation. You can`t miss watching it as you will learn also about the negative side of gambling.

Casino (1995)

The documentary with Robert De Niro is about gambling and mob. It also shows the pursuit of power. An astonishing play of Robert De Niro impresses us heavily with a perfect manner of performance. Do not miss a chance to watch this film to receive an unforgettable impression!

Rounders (1998)

John Dahl's film is about the underground poker cheaters who do some tricks to earn money as quickly as possible in order to pay off their debts. They think up an interesting way to make a quick profit. This film became a top film in gambling world. Watch and make your own opinion!

The Good Thief (2002)

It is a vivid film that depicts an American gambler and a thief. This couple is planning to rob some casino. You may watch this film to get to know what they achieve at the end!

Ocean's Eleven (2001 and 1960)

In the new version several guys gather to in order to make an attempt to rob the biggest casinos in in Las Vegas at the same time. The plans are definitely great! Watch to compare with an old version.

21 (2008)

This film is really exciting as it depicts a team of MIT students who use special card scheme to count cards with a view to beat the dealer. They use their special mechanism and even manage to win an incredibly huge sum of money. Having won a lot, they waste much money. But at the end they fail to promote this system because of being caught by the security staff of the casino who also knows the secrets of skillful cheating.

If you want to dive into gambling film industry, all the mentioned films will certainly help you to realize the main principals of gambling world. You will not only understand the art of gambling, you will also get some kind of entertainment and make sure that there many chances to become a winner while playing.