Gambling Legality Issue

In case of raising up the online gambling issue, a question of its legality beyond all doubt will take place. These two issues usually stand close to each other while various jurisdictions have various circumstances and obey various laws. Thus, we consider the article devoted to this ambiguous and hazy topic to be appropriate. We try to provide you with clear and detailed information on legal issues in gambling, though we unfortunately cannot cover all diverse aspects of versatile topic in question.

For your convenience we have divided the following information into two parts according to two main points of the issue. Here you can find info concerning US players and EU gambling which actually varies in many aspects and laws. Moreover, the last sometimes seem rather unclear for gamblers that should be aware of all rules established by countries and their laws for the aim of their security.

European Union has taken a quite clear position related to support of online casino in spite of the fact that several individual states have made attempts to ban such activity which runs counter to European Union law, by the way. On the contrary, the US officials have tried to achieve the gambling prohibition for a long time, but certain regulations can be discussed in various states separately since all of them concentrate on different gambling practices and laws. The most recent decision of the US legislation has brought many changes to American players.

European Union and Online Gambling

Online gambling issue in Europe includes different laws which are slightly messed up. On the one hand, any member state is free to accept services and goods from the other state. However, on the other hand, a declaration of European Court of Justice identifies the question of gambling as an exclusive matter of the memberstate competence, which means that an European country has its jurisdiction over online gambling and can state a status of the last on its territory. Additionally there is also a law that claims that bettors should be protected as consumers. Those and other divergences concerning gambling legality exist almost in every EU country.

In general we can characterize EU gambling laws as really decent and EU casino players can be called very active and interested in gambling. Thus, online casino providers intensively occupy the market. Moreover, they expand it at the expense of fresh customers in Eastern Europe.

US Legislation and Online Gambling

Here we came to the most unclear part of the whole issue. The first thing for you to remember that there is no law that prevents the citizens of USA from gambling activity. Considering the UIGEA and the statistics for casino players today we can say that the law is more formal than practical and more than 70% of gamblers and their wagers (especially at video poker) refer to US territory.

Without any doubt all laws and regulations in United States including those about gambling differ from one state to another. Some of the states like Nevada, Illinois, Michigan and Louisiana now outlaw any type of online gambling, and a number other states are going to make the similar solution. At the same time Utah, South Dakota, Massachusetts and California have prohibited only particular forms of online casinos and games and allowed others.

In addition, you surely are aware of the fact that there are many loopholes in the law which are successfully used by online gambling sites as well as American players.