Online casino puts fun back in play

There are many UK brands that has grown quickly over the last decade to become the country’s most popular online Bingo sites. Now, they are trying to replicate its Bingo success in its new casino with the same marketing techniques that have made its Bingo games so popular.

Notably, online casinos are giving new players registering with the site £50 free to play in return for just £20 deposited – so new players start out with £70 – currently somewhere around $110. This is a more generous offering than new Bingo players get – so the these brands are clearly trying to build its audience in this arena as well as it did in Bingo.

Online gambling marketing success came, in part, from quite a high spend on mainstream TV ads. The brand uses iconic British actress, Babs Windsor, former soap star and comedy film actress, to front its brand. Babs is the “Queen” of Bingo – as she perfectly embodies the ribald sense of fun enjoyed by the traditional British Bingo playing market who tend not to take life too seriously.

It’s interesting, therefore, that online gambling has retained its name and branding for its new casino. Bingo players, by tradition, have been less worried about making a profit from their gambling – so much as having a little fun with the possibility of a big jackpot to keep them interested. Casino aficionados, on the other hand, are generally a more serious bunch, playing a percentage game in an effort to make real money over an extended period of time. Clearly, then, online casinos feel it has invested sufficiently in its trusted brand in the past to make its casino a success. Whether it will be as big a success as key Bingo brands, or its online slots games will be interesting to witness.

But if its new casino games are anything to go by – UK online casinos are as keen to put the fun into the games as it was with its Bingo offerings. There are already some great fun games to play – with a few progressive jackpots available. And the number of those progressive jackpots will grow as and when the site enjoys increased popularity.

With online gambling, each online casino game can be played in demo mode which worth doing first so you can get used to the different games and their different aspects and nuances to them etc., and the ways in which the progressive jackpots can be won; then - have fun with the free cash on offer!