How to Play Roulette Game - Basic Steps

Each person who visited casino tried playing gambling games at least once. It is not necessarily for high stakes. Everyone knows the feeling of victory and a precious feeling of expectation. It lasts for some seconds but it is so strong and unforgettable. And in casino hat usually comes with money!

Roulette is a very easy game with many advantages. You do not have to learn the complicated rules and strategies. That is because the rules are extremely simple and the strategies are non-existent. If someone tells you that there are winning roulette strategies or systems, do not believe. There is only one working strategy called bankroll management, which is aimed at logical way of gambling and money saving.

So, getting closer to the point. Let us consider the land casino. Once you are in, you are to pick up the game you want to play. If you decide on roulette, you are to take a sit at a table. If someone is not playing but takes a place at a table, the person has to move.

How to Play Roulette: Chips

The roulette chips differ from all other casino chips. If you want to play roulette, you are to buy them separately. Usually the chips have different colors so that the players would not get confused. Also you can avoid stealing your chips or someone else would not claim that your bet was his, as it was the winning one.

You can also ask the dealer to place your bet if you cannot reach the desired spot.

How to Play Roulette: Bets

You can place as many roulette bets as you want. It does not matter how much money you spend on them. But if the dealer says "No more bets," it means that none is allowed to place the bets anymore, as it is considered to be pastposting (placing late bets) and you can get kicked out from the casino.

French Roulette Rules

The rules are a bit different from European but still you can consider French roulette as European in the rules aspect but there are other rules, which lower the house edge (roulette table) and increase your odds.

La Partage Roulette Rule

You make even money outside bet. But the ball decides to choose landing on zero. In other types of roulette you would definitely lose your bet but here you lose only half of it. And that is how you increase your odds as well.

En Prison Roulette Rule

Or In Prison rulesas it also can be called. For example, you made an even money bet. But again zero comes up. In any other roulette game you would lose your bet but not here. Your bet remains on the table and it will be played in the next spin.