General Online Casino Terms

The particular amount used by gambler for playing
Brick and Mortar
Any land-based casino
Complimentary gifts provided by casinos to attract and encourage players
The complex of computer programs which prevent scams during money transactions
Even Money
The bet which will return you the wagered money back
Face cards
King, Queen and Jack in the deck of cards
High Rollers
The casino players that always wager large amounts
House edge
The casino's advantage against a player
Large amount of money offered by casino (mostly at slots)
Game's probabilities
The time taken by the gaming process of any game

Blackjack glossary

Certain amount that has been bet
Advantage player
Player that uses strategies to get the math advantage over casino
Prohibition of playing at the particular casino (often used for blackjack counters)
Basic strategy
The most appropriate blackjack strategy used without card counting
Burn card
The first card in the new deck which has been shuffled and cut. It is always placed on the bottom of the deck.
Cold deck
The bad cards ratio in the deck (for player)
The cards which were pulled out of the game
Eye in the sky
A device that provides video surveillance of the dealers and players
False shuffling
A method of cheating for the dealer which implies bad randomization of cards in the deck
Heads up
A player plays against the dealer
A cheater that uses sleight-of-hand
The casino employee pretended to be the casino visitor with a purpose to attract players at the gaming table

Roulette Terms

Biased Wheel
The roulette wheel which contains certain imperfections that leads to the situation when particular number appear more frequently than others
Capping a Bet
Secret adding more chips to the winning numbers
Cold table
The roulette table at which players lose
French Wheel
European wheel
A player that gives great tips
A roulette scammer
Past Posting
A cheating method which implies placing of winning wagers after number decision at roulette. This action is considered to be illegal at all casinos. However, many great roulette cheaters used it and won millions.
A percentage which expresses the house age
Wheel Head
The part of the roulette wheel which contains numbered pockets.
Wheel Roller
A croupier at roulette table or roulette dealer
Wheel Strategies
Mostly exploiting of the roulette wheel imperfections

Slot Machines Glossary

Bonus slots
The slots games offered for free playing. Using of bonus slots may lead to additional earnings
Drop Box
A special container for extra coins collecting which is located inside slots
Max Bet
A maximum bet per spin. A range of max bets is consider to be the only way to win at slots