A comprehensive guide on how to use Litecoin in Crypto Casinos

In 2022, the popularity of Litecoin casinos among players continues to grow. Indeed, LTC is strengthening its position as a payment method on gambling sites. The favorable conditions of blockchain lead to the fact that the number of reliable online casinos that accept Litecoin is increasing.

The use of Litecoin allows players to withdraw their winnings quickly and securely to online casinos. Blockchain technology guarantees privacy and anonymity to the online casino player. The cost of Litecoin compared to Bitcoin is much lower, so a player can afford to regularly replenish an account at a gambling site. At the same time, LTC is not inferior to BTC in terms of reliability and many other parameters.

Next, we will tell you more about the features of using this crypto-currency in online casinos, and also raise the question of the legality of LTC. You will be able to form an opinion about the Litecoin crypto-currency, learn how to choose a Litecoin online casino, make a deposit and use the crypto bonuses.

A big contribution to our success is made by our business partners who run most of these companies. Some might assume that this fact will affect the list of gambling platforms we review and the position and description of each company on the web pages. But we would like to assure you that every review we post is unbiased and that we never rely on any opinion other than our own.

What is Litecoin / LTC Casino?

Litecoin / LTC casinos are, in fact, all online casinos that offer players the Litecoin cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can look at this web-site and evaluate a selection of the best of them. Outwardly, such a gambling site does not differ from ordinary sites, until you examine the list of its deposit methods. Litecoin, one of the most popular crypto-currencies, will be listed among the main payment methods.

In 2022, players are increasingly choosing online casinos that accept Litecoin. The main reason is the advantages that LTC offers as a payment method on gambling sites. One of the advantages is the speed of payments with Litecoin. For example, in the case of Bitcoin, the player will have to wait 30 minutes or more until the payment is confirmed. When using Litecoin, the players will receive their payment within 10 minutes and will save their time considerably.

Another important point that makes Litecoin casinos so popular is the low transaction fees. A player who uses the Litecoin crypto-currency wallet can significantly reduce his expenses to pay the withdrawal fee for the winnings.

Thus, this crypto-currency rightly occupies a high level of popularity in online casinos.

How does the LTC online casino work?

Players who want to make deposits in LTC online casinos can use the Litecoin crypto-currency wallet for this purpose. The player needs to spend a few minutes understanding the rules of buying, trading, and selling LTC chips. It will be easy for those who have already used another crypto-currency, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Using Litecoin for deposits in online casinos saves the player a lot of time and effort. Transactions made with LTC are fast and secure.

Next, I will explain in more detail the procedure for depositing and withdrawing funds in Litecoin online casinos.

How do I deposit at an online casino using Litecoin?

Depositing at Litecoin online casinos is as simple as making a deposit using other crypto-currencies. The principle is the same: the player must use a crypto-currency wallet that stores LTC tokens. This wallet can be virtual and placed on a special exchange or digital, which is stored on a flash card.

The player chooses the type of wallet and the place of its storage, in any case, it is reliable and safe.

We offer step-by-step instructions on how to make deposits in an online casino using Litecoin :

  • Start a crypto-currency wallet, for example, on an online exchange.

  • Top up your wallet. Buy or exchange other crypto-currencies/regular money for LTC tokens. To buy them, you can use standard payment methods like credit cards.

  • Go to the online casino, log in or register.

  • Open the payment section and select LTC from the list of deposit methods.

  • Copy the code you received and enter it on your crypto wallet page. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code from the smartphone's camera.

  • Enter the number of LTC chips you want to add to your balance in the online casino.

  • Confirm the transaction and wait at least 10 minutes for the funds to be credited to the balance.

Online casinos that accept Litecoin may charge a fee for crypto-currency deposits. However, this does not always happen, but rather as an exception. Before making a deposit, players should clarify this issue, as well as the minimum and maximum deposit size in LTC.

How to withdraw funds from online casinos using Litecoin?

In some online casinos, players can use Litecoin for deposits and withdrawals. In this case, the algorithm is quite simple.

At the end of the gaming session, the player can access the payment section of his account and submit a request. In the application, you need to select Litecoin as a payment method, enter the amount to be withdrawn, and confirm the transaction. The waiting time, in this case, is the same as for a deposit - from 10 minutes. In some cases, due to the security control of transactions, the processing time of the request may be delayed and take about a day.

Online casinos that accept Litecoin allow players to withdraw their winnings faster than using Bitcoin. The same goes for the financial costs associated with paying for crypto-currency mining. In the case of Litecoin, the costs will be slightly lower, this is especially noticeable with regular use of this cryptocurrency.

If the online casino does not offer an option to withdraw money using Litecoin, players can use standard payment methods or other crypto-currencies. In this case, the withdrawal process takes a little longer and the currency may be converted at the prevailing rate.

Are Litecoin casinos legal?

To begin with, it is worth revealing the issue of the legality of online casinos in general. It will be useful for players to know that in 2010 a gaming law was passed. Since then, three areas of activity of gambling sites are legal: sports betting, equestrian sports betting, and online poker.

Thus, the rest of the table games, as well as slot machines are prohibited in online casinos. We would like to point out that the ban does not apply to foreign casinos where players can legally bet on all types of gambling.

In addition, the regulator operates. This organization checks online casinos on many criteria and, if the site meets them, it obtains approval. This is a sort of mark of quality and reliability of online casinos.

This mustn't apply to foreign casinos, whose quality criteria may differ slightly. It is enough that such gambling sites have a license, as well as to give players a guarantee of confidentiality, security, and honesty.

Regarding the legality of online casinos accepting Litecoin. Such a casino is legal if it complies with national laws. In simple terms, casinos are only allowed to provide gaming services approved by the UKGC. For foreign online casinos, a valid permit (license) for activities from another reputable organization: MGA, Curacao, UKGC. As with other gambling sites, you can use LTC as a payment method without restrictions.

Litecoin vs Bitcoin Comparison

There are many technical similarities between the two payment methods. Because Litecoin and Bitcoin are crypto-currencies and the payment algorithms of both systems are based on the blockchain. Nevertheless, we can highlight several important differences:

The speed of payments. The processing of financial transactions using Litecoin is a bit faster and can start from 2 minutes, which is 5 times faster than in the case of Bitcoin.

Algorithmic limit. For LTC, it is 84 million coins, while for BTC, it is only 21 million coins.

Double the expense. This is a type of scam in which a token is spent multiple times. The risk of such fraud in the case of Litecoin is much lower than in the case of Bitcoin.

Innovative technologies. And again, we have the advantage of Litecoin, in the system in which the Segregated Witness and Lightning Network technologies are integrated.

So while there are similarities between Litecoin and Bitcoin, these payment methods are different. As can be seen, LTC has several significant undeniable advantages over the world's most famous crypto-currency.

Advantages and disadvantages of Litecoin casinos

We have highlighted all the main advantages and disadvantages of using Litecoin as a payment method in online casinos.

Advantages of Litecoin payment method in an online casino:

  • Fast deposits and withdrawals. The time to credit funds using Litecoin is calculated in minutes, not hours or days.

  • High level of security. Blockchain technologies make Litecoin one of the most secure payment methods.

  • Guaranteed privacy. All payments at Litecoin online casinos are made anonymously.

  • Low commission. Unlike banks or even Bitcoin, you will pay Litecoin's minimum mining fee.

  • Fairness of play. Litecoin online casino does not interfere with the game, so the RTP of the games will match the reality.

  • Additional bonuses. Many Litecoin casinos offer players welcome bonuses and other types of cryptocurrency bonuses.

There aren't many Litecoin casino drawbacks:

  • A relatively small number of Litecoin casinos. However, the popularity of this payment method is growing and in 2022, new online casinos were opened that accept Litecoin.

  • Lack of licensing for some Litecoin casinos. However, players can easily protect themselves from scams if they choose only licensed Litecoin online casinos.

  • The value of the crypto-currency. Like any other cryptocurrency, Litecoin is subject to fluctuations in value. Players should regularly monitor the online exchange and make the exchange, purchase, and sale of LTC in time.

As you can see, the advantages of online Litecoin casinos outweigh some of the disadvantages. Players only need to be careful when choosing online casinos, preferring reputable licensed gambling sites.

LTC Casino Games

When we talk about Litecoin online casinos, we're not just talking about the payment method. In addition to being able to deposit from an LTC crypto-currency wallet, players have access to a carefully curated category of games. Since Litecoin casinos cooperate with reliable providers, players can count on games where bets can be made directly in crypto-currency.

Next, let's talk about the most popular game categories at LTC casinos.

Slot Machines

Slots are the largest and most popular section of online casino games. Players can make a deposit using Litecoin and start spinning the reels of slot machines from different categories. Players have access to classics, one-armed bandits, video slots, 3D slots, and slots with cryptocurrency betting.

Live dealer games

Playing live dealer games allows you to experience the maximum realism of what is happening on the screen. The type of games are currently popular and casinos are trying to offer options for live games with LTC betting: roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack.


Blackjack is a board game that has its variations and is available in large numbers at almost all online casinos that accept LTC. The game is suitable for players of all levels and the basic rules are easy to remember. You can fund your account with Litecoin and place bets on blackjack.


Most online casinos that accept Litecoin try to offer their players at least some roulette options. Roulette is a fun game with many variations of bets and chances to win, where you can place bets in crypto-currency.


What is the future of Litecoin casinos?

The last few years have shown that more and more online casino players are willing to make deposits using the LTC crypto-currency. Demand generates supply, and so, already in 2022, many online casinos accepting Litecoin have appeared. The development of gambling sites in this direction is due to the many advantages of using the Litecoin payment method.

Litecoin as a casino payment method is distinguished by a high level of security, privacy, payment speed, and the lowest possible commission. For players, these benefits of Litecoin place it at the top of the most popular methods, even compared to Bitcoin.

We are seeing an increase in demand for the use of crypto-currency, as well as the undeniable benefits of Litecoin as a deposit method in online casinos.

It can be predicted that this trend will not only persist but will also intensify. Therefore, players can choose reliable and proven LTC casinos.


Conclusion about Litecoin 2022 online casino

In summary, the first step is to remember the advantages of Litecoin as a payment method in online casinos.

We have highlighted the following main advantages:

  • confidentiality of the player's personal information;

  • security of all payments;

  • high speed of processing transactions;

  • low commission.

In all these parameters, Litecoin is not inferior to its main competitor Bitcoin. To some extent, LTC even surpasses BTC in some aspects.

For example, Litecoin uses unique innovative contracts to make payments in online casinos even more convenient, offering secure processing speed and minimal transaction fees.

In this regard, the trend of Litecoin online casinos is growing, and players are increasingly choosing casinos with this payment method. Moreover, in LTC casinos, players can receive crypto-currency bonuses.