Famous Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is a famous casino game that now has a lot of variations due to the ita popularity and players' desire to diverse this game. They developed new varieties that will enhance their gaming experience and they are really good for those who would like to try something new online. Some rules were modified and were developed into new interesting ones. This article will help you to choose varieties of Blackjack which will meet your requirements.


It’s one of blackjack types that doesn’t have any strict set of rules to follow at all. Every casino has the right to set rules for any type of game and so they set no rules for this variant of Blackjack online. It’s so famous these days because some find it challenging as you nener know what to expect from the game. It’s both available online and in some land based casinos. Pontoon is usually played using 8 decks of 52 cards.

Blackjack TableThe Spanish 21

This type of blackjack is still new; it was developed in 1995 only by a casino employee. It’s named Spanish because of Spanish deck of cards used to play the game. There are only 48 cards in a deck. There is a specific rule in playing Spanish 21 though there are changes that were made to give more advantage to the players; it became a big hit because more players became very much interested in playing this game. Now, during blackjack tournaments, a lot of players who joined were Spanish 21 players. The strategies and methods of playing the game were developed and printed on books and they are also known as basic principles of the game.

Blackjack Switch

This variety is quite hard to play without splitting. If you have played these games, you will surely find it very relaxing and entertaining. You can play Blackjack Switch using 2 hands of cards so you will have more chances to win. You should always place equal wager for both of your hands. You can switch 2 cards of your hands, but even if it looks easier, there are special techniques involved in playing the game.

Vegas Strip

Blackjack is a well-known game, which has being played by famous casinos today not just in Vegas but globally as well. The name of this variation was taken from Vegas Blvd., where there are lots of casinos and gamblers play their favorite casino game. It’s better to learn the blackjack rules at once before you try to play the game. Though it’s not very much different from the traditional blackjack rules, playing this game will surely surprise you. You should know that this game is played with 4 decks of cards and any player can split Aces once when playing this game. You will have more chances of getting one more card if you tried to split the ace. But of course, you will also lose insurance if you will try to split your cards.