Blackjack Strategy Chart: Terminologies and Basic Playing Strategy in Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular game at the casinos, and also commonly known as twenty-one. The process is being done by comparing all the cards between the player and the dealer. It is also called as twenty-one because the winning rests on the card having a ten and an ace card, having a total score of 21. Unlike poker, in blackjack every player on the game is against the dealer, so, it doesn’t matter how other players play and how good their hands are. Beating the dealer is the main goal, and you could only win by luck or by strategy. That is why the blackjack strategy chart is a great aide in winning at the blackjack. One of the most known strategy used in blackjack is card counting. This strategy was best known used by MIT Backjack team who have won millions of dollars from major casinos worldwide, since 1970s.

Before playing blackjack you should learn a set of terms which are commply used and which may be unknown for you.

Blackjack Terms

  • Hit – if the player has got less points than dealer has and this sum is lower 21, he or she may can still receive a card. Generally "hit" means to “receive a card.”
  • Stand – to end the player’s turn and let the turn passed to the next player.
  • Double Down - to double the bet of the player and get one more card to end to turn.
  • Split – this allows the player to hand two separate cards if he/she have two identical cards. Let’s the player have a pair of 6, he can divide it to two hands thus, he/she must place another bet for the other card like playing for two players. The player will be given another card for each and decide whether to take the hit or stand on each hand.
  • Surrender - this allows the player to let go of his hand. By giving up, the player will lose half of the bet. This option gives the player the chance of losing large bets, knowing that he has no chance of winning if he stayed in. Surrender is a popular term in play however, it is rarely used in the major casinos.
  • Bust – when the player is busted, it means he goes over 21 and loses the game even if the dealer is also busted.
  • Push – in blackjack, when the player and the dealer have both same totals, it is neither a push or tie. By this the player may win or lose his bets.
  • Natural or a blackjack – this is when the player holds an Ace card plus 10 or any face cards that is equivalent to 10.

Advantages of Strategy Charts

Upon knowing the basic terms used in blackjack the player must be also familiar with the blackjack strategy chart so he can be knowledgeable enough which will prompt him to win the game. There are online sites which provide basic information about how to use the blackjack strategy chart or better yet, he must go to the casino and observe the game.

The aforementioned basic playing techniques and terminologies can be applied in playing the blackjack game. Blackjack does not only gives you wins and loses but it also improves your calculating ability and your mental alertness. A player must study the blackjack strategy chart to make him fully equip on the know-how of the blackjack game for greater chances of winning.