Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is a wonderful game to play, as it provides so many variations and the strategies that you have a huge choice to select what you like and what fits you gambling the most. But everything starts from something. You can practice by playing free blackjack games and acquire a winning strategy. Blackjack strategic corner stone is blackjack basic strategy.

All the strategies are based on this blackjack strategy. The main aspect is maths and if you apply your knowledge well, you can start winning. Once you received all your cards, your further decisions will be built on what up-cards you see.

You might have heard of the cheat sheets. It is not really cool to use them inside the casino, as the pit bosses would not like that at all. The thing is that it is not illegal to have it with you, but the casino will do everything so that you would stop using side methods in winning and that is obvious - they do not want to lose money.

It is just like with card counting strategies. No one will kick you out of the casino right ahead but they will do everything to make you leave. But if you do something without attracting anyone's attention, it is just fine. All the variations of blackjack basic strategy start from remembering blackjack rules.

Hard and Soft Hand

In these hands everything is decided according to the Ace value. In hard hand Ace is 1 point, while in Soft it is 11 points. If the starting hand does not have an Ace, it is considered to be a hard hand as well.

Hit or Stand

If you hit, it means that you want to draw one more card. If you stand, you do not take any more cards.


You draw too many cards and your points exceed 21 points. You lose your bet automatically.


It happens when the player and the dealer have the same number of the points. And usually the bet of the player is returned.

Double Down

It means that you double your bet and draw one card. After this you stand no matter what.

Splitting Pairs

If you receive the cards of the same value, you can split them into two new hands. After this you are to make the same bet on a new hand and play them separately.

Playing Hard Hands


Playing Soft Hands


Playing Pairs