Popular Blackjack Movies

Blackjack is not just available at land based casinos but also at the internet, because there are online casinos today that also offer blackjack games. Lots of people enjoy playing it and they just love it because of the fun and entertainment that it brings. A lot of countries in the world today embraced blackjack and some even made new variations out of this traditional game. A lot of movies about families, friends and other people playing blackjack appeared at the screens and if you want to know how the blackjack made a big impact upon the lives of so many people, blackjack movies may provide you with more information.

21 Movie21

It’s about students who beat casinos from a big amount of cash. This happened in early 1990s when their math professor taught them how to count cards and win lots of money using a particular technique. They went to Vegas every week to try their game skills; eventually these students have lost their control and just want to play blackjack for a good amount of cash. This movie is based on a book entitled Bringing down the House by Ben Mezrich, which actually tod the story of MIT team.


This movie was created at 1998; it’s about a writer who decided to be a casino croupier to earn some cash. He cannot sale his books, so he needs to find new means to earn money. He studied how to become a croupier to make his job perfect and eventually he was hired at a casino. This movie shows the other side of a casino life – not players’, but the life of working staff.

The Latest Casino

It was shown at 2004 and it was considered to be much alike 21 since most parts of the plot of the 2 movies are similar. This movie is dedicated to the story of a blackjack team who were able to beat the casinos and eventually they were caught by the casino security in Vegas. The main character here is a student who teaches other students to count cards at the blackjack game and when he taught them how to win at casinos, they try to help him to pay his debts playing blackjack at the casino.

The Hangover

It’s a comedy movie that is about group of friends who came to Vegas to attend a stag party. One of them has a book about how to beat a dealer which they eventually decided to read and to try out the methods described at the book. After that evening, they woke up with terrible hangover and found out that the groom is gone and they need to find him for his wedding.

Blackjack is not just about a game because lots of movies were based on it and revolves around how to play blackjack and how it affects people’s lives globally. Blackjack movies can be of help to those who don’t really understand what this game is all about and how it plays a vital role in the gambling society these days. Through the newest technology, anyone can play and practice his luck and you can even try to use the bonuses which most casinos offer when it comes to blackjack and its varieties.