Win with Martingale Betting Strategy

20 Feb 2013

Everyone is looking for easy ways of winning. Everyone wants to succeed with less loss. And almost everyone is ready for some sacrifices. There are people who suppose that they can win only by using some interesting strategies and intricate schemes.

Well, if you also think so, it is your right but how can you use betting strategies in the games of chance? Let us consider one of the most popular betting systems called Martingale. It is quite an easy system to learn and applicable for slots and roulette games.


We won't make up stories how everything started and who was Martingale, or what was Martingale. We will just cover the main concept of betting. It was really popular in the 18th century. When people played this game of Head or Tails, it was widely applied.

In this game you have even chances to win and to lose. It is 50x50. And you decide what you want to bet at and make your bet. For example, you bet on heads but the tails come up and you lose. Next time you bet on heads again but you double your bet. Why? Just to cover your previous losses. It seems kind of weird but at the same time there is some true thing hidden in it. It will look like following: every time you lose the bet you just double previous bet and in case of your winning you will simply cover all your losses.

I wish!

This phrase denotes something which we would like to be something different or completely opposite. The same story is with Martingale winning. It works for the short runs but it tragically fails in the long runs. Sad day. If you bet, let us say, $5, which is your initial bet. And what if you lose in the next five times, it means that you double your bet all the time. It also means that your next bet is going to be $160, and the following will be $320. Is it worthy of spending on the game, in the winnings of which you are not even confident?

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