Hi-Opt 1 System for Blackjack Game

10 Aug 2012

Coming back to card counting. It is a wonderful method of winning the game of blackjack but at the same time it requires balance, knowledge, skills and speed. There are over twenty types of card counting. Each of them is interesting. But all of them are of different difficulty. You are to choose whatever you want, like and prefer.


Let us start with something not really difficult. This system is known as Hi-Opt 1 or simply High Opt. Actually it stands for "Highly Optimum". Sometimes people call it an Einstein method, as they suppose it is really intricate. But let us look closer.

It is a balanced (card counting) card counting system. In order to understand this system, you should get to know another card counting system - Hi/Lo (card counting systems). Hi/Lo is extremely easy method of counting cards and it is a base of Hi-Opt 1.

Core Point

All the card counting systems are created to supplement the existent Basic Strategy. The Blackjack Basic Strategy itself is a set of moves you are recommended to make if you have a specific hand. It was developed to increase the player's odds.

Hi-Opt 1 is a bit more complicated than Hi/Lo system, as the lowest, the highest and the middle value cards are not counted. Another thing you should remember is that it is not a good idea to come to a casino, start playing blackjack and pull out a notebook and write down your count.

How can you improve your skills? Start practicing at home. It is the best advice. You will increase you speed of counting, as you should make bets while counting cards.

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