Fighting Card Counters - Casino vs Player

28 Sep 2012

Fighting Card Counters

By far card counting is not forbidden by law. The law does not see anything wrong about applying card counting methods. But the casinos try to do everything to eliminate the card counters. These experts of the undesirable field of knowledge develop not only the skills of the card counting but also staging art. They need to disguise what they are doing. So it is like a live show of the cat-and-mouse game.

Kicking Them Out

Each casino tries to develop their own strategic methods against this kind of players. And of the most known figures of this war is Griffin Agency, which was a real threat to the card counters. It became bankrupt after the lawsuit with the gamblers in 2005. It was the case, when the employees of this agency kicked out the card counters from a casino.

Sometimes the casino forbids changing the amount of wagered money, which sounds already ridiculous. The casinos also can easily change the stakes of the blackjack table. Or they can even change the rules if the game is about playing multiple hands.


They also start shuffling cards more often. If a player is suspected of card counting, the rest of the deck will be shuffled immediately. On the one hand it really is kind of effective but in the long run it is not beneficial for a casino. Shuffling takes time and the fewer rounds are made the less money the casino receives. It is the outcome for the long time and regrets.

And of course, the casinos widely apply surveillance. They put cameras everywhere they can. "Eye in the Sky" technologies are improved every year and the casinos spend billions of dollars just to keep the money inside the house. But still, card counting is a good strategy, which is worthy of using. But you need to know the ways how to apply it.

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