Croupier Movie

21 Oct 2012

We all like movies. No matter how old we are and what we do, we still like to watch something that would make us think about certain things, or we want to relax or ladies like to cry over some drama, which somehow makes them feel better. But let us leave different thoughts and even superstitions. Let us talk about the movie, which is considered as a good one by many experts and general public.


It was that film which diluted action-movie palette of the films in 1998. Clive Owen starred in the film as a croupier. He plays Jack Manfred. This guy is a writer but a writer that lack only one little thing. It is inspiration. And he is decaying really fast.

And of course, how can the writer survive? Take some side job and he becomes a dealer in a casino. He had previous experience in that activity but it did not seem that he had to talk about it. And he comes back to the world of gambling. Sometimes it seems filthy and sometimes it is tough.

His girlfriend sees the changes in him but she cannot do anything about it. There are lots of chances, lots of weird things, lots of fortunes and misfortunes. If to look at his life, we would see that casino is not only his job, it is also his life.

Side Job #2

His girlfriend Marion really wants him to finish the book. But no inspiration means no words typed. Then she accidentally gets killed. While still living with her, Jack had an affair with a girl, who was also a dealer in the same casino.

There is one rich lady Jani, who seems to have lost a lot, and she asks Jack to help him. He is not sure about the way he can help her. He is to be an insideman of the team. And just like having the good odds, he was not revealed but after he wrote the book, devoted to the world of gambling.

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