Card Mucking Cheating Technique

28 Sep 2012

Let us confess, at least once in our life we cheated. It does not have to be a huge deal, but at school, college, games we play with our friends... Blackjack cheating, if it is performed in a casino, can be severely punished. It would be a really sad day, if you get spotted while applying some weird and illegal cheating method.

Now the casinos have cameras, people, and other cheating spotting methods. But there is one good old cheating method. It is called card mucking. It is interesting and quite dangerous to apply. If you are perfect with the sleight of hand tricks, you are going to be successful in this field of cheating.

The Point

The main point in card mucking is to switch the cards that you were dealt. For example, you are dealt two cards and you see that you will need of them in the future rounds. What to do? You simply ask for another card and switch it with the one you will need.

There is a difference between card mucking and switching. In switching you replace the cards with your own cards and here you use the ones, which are in the deck. The explanation sounds easily and totally doable. But there is one "but." You should be an incredible hand manipulator. And also you should know how to manipulate attention of the people around, including the players and the dealer.


If you have a partner, who is eager to help you in this game, it is a good advantage. That person would draw attention of the crowd and you will not be spotted for doing your dirty deeds. Usually, the cheaters play in the teams, which gives them benefits. If one person can be easily caught, the team would not be traced with such simplicity.

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