Card Marking Cheating Strategy

28 Sep 2012

There are so many interesting ways how to win at blackjack. Some of them are legal and some are not. But at the same time, who cares if you keep winning. Well, it would not be honest to say that none cares if you are a constant winner. Everybody will want to know how you manage to be a constant winner. Special interest will be expressed by casino, because they let you winning their money.

There are only two types of winning methods. They are divided into legal and illegal section. We are going to consider the illegal part. It is more interesting and very dangerous. If earlier it was easier, now it is way more difficult. The cameras are everywhere and it is so easy to spot someone, who tries to apply the illegal playing methods.

Marking for Playing

Well, as you can understand, the name is speaking for the method. You simply need to mark the card, which is really good for your gaming and you will be able either to use it or you will know what card the dealer or other players have.

This wonderful cheating method has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. First disadvantage is that you have to have good eye sight in order to see your marks. And then a lot of people can spot you during your attempts to make some scratches or write, or mark the card another way.

Online World

Once all the gaming facilities went online all the chances to use this method simply vanished. It is physically impossible to mark the cards. All the cheating methods, including mucking, switching, spooking and so on were left for the eternity and land based casinos. On the one hand it is really good, that the cheating chances were dramatically decreased, on the other hand, it is not much fun anymore.

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