Cheat Roulette - Biased Wheel System

20 Feb 2013

So, are you dreaming of the best results in roulette? Wanting success without any tough attempts for the winnings? Well, we should all realize that roulette is that game where only luck or fortune decides who will win and how much he or she will win. But there are some aspects, which are also can be counted as luck. One of them is a biased wheel.

Gift from Fate?

You can call it whatever you like but if you find that kind of wheel you will be more than happy. Certainly, if you will be able to take advantage of it. As a rule, the companies make perfectly balanced wheels for the casino roulette game. But everything is wearing out.

If earlier the roulette wheel could have been tampered, now it is next to impossible to affect it physically. You know, various security measures and the people around would notice you under the table trying to do something to the wheel. And nowadays people still look for the biased wheels.

The biased wheel is not necessarily tampered one. It can become biased because of the often use. The pockets on the wheel wear out and they the ball can easily slip to another pocket. The biased wheel is the one, where every twenty to forty times the ball lands into the same or neighboring sector. Some players really pay attention to it and then they take advantage of it.


Once you decide to learn how to find this kind of wheel, you should be prepared that it is really difficult as you will have to spend many hours in a row just noting the winning numbers. Once you did it, you will have thousands of the written info and then you will have to process it.

There is no guarantee that you will find such wheel but if you do, take advantage of it secretly and don't attract attention. Good luck!

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